TUSUR University Offers Grants for International Postdoctoral Researchers

TUSUR University enacted its new Regulations for Support of International Postdoctoral Researchers, aimed to attract international talent to out their research under the guidance of the top researchers of TUSUR. The support will be provided in the form of grants for research personnel.

The Program for Strategic Development of TUSUR University in 2012-2016 gives priority to recruitment of young international faculty as one of the cornerstones of the international competitive growth of the University. International researchers are expected to make a valuable contribution to the priority areas of research at TUSUR, working under the guidance of some of the top University faculty.

To provide financial incentive for internationalization and competitive development of its faculty, TUSUR University has adopted the Regulations for Support of International Postdoctoral Researchers which established the procedure for selection and employment of postdoctoral researchers at the University.

University divisions and departments planning to recruit international researchers for long-term cooperation can access the Regulations here (in Russian).

Source: Division of International Cooperation

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