Alumni Association

Alumni Association

TUSUR alumni have countless opportunities for professional success and brilliant career. They are like a big family scattered all over the world, always ready to help each other and doing their best to support their Alma Mater. Up to date there are more than 25 thousand alumni of TUSUR. They have made splendid careers in Russia and beyond its borders — in the USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Israel, Korea, China, Taiwan, Poland, Belorussia, Ukraine etc.

Alumni association

Success of its alumni makes TUSUR proud. Those, who studied at TUSUR thirty or forty years ago, have formed the so-called «core» of the engineering staff and became leaders of nearly all large radioelectronic companies from the Ural Mountains to the Far East. They are respected and honored for their enthusiasm and dedication and for their contribution to the development of Russia. Alumni of 1980-s and 1990-s have successfully adjusted to the market economy and new political regime and achieved success in various spheres of life. TUSUR alumni are leaders of more than a half of all Tomsk companies and enterprises and started 80% of science-intensive companies in this city.

Yury Shurygin has been in charge of TUSUR Alumni Association since 2005, and at present he is the rector of the university. Both individual and group members of Association adhere to the Alumni Code of Honour adopted at TUSUR.