Mission and vision

Mission and vision

Mission and vision


TUSUR will become a globally-oriented university in the premier league of Russian and European education. Its research and competences will play an important role in the global research networks. TUSUR will continue providing support to its alumni conquering the global knowledge and hi-tech market.

TUSUR will become a university distinguished by its strong entrepreneurial spirit. TUSUR Alumni Association will expand up to 500 members and unite heads of successful hi-tech companies. It will also contribute to the development and promotion of entrepreneurial culture at the university. At least one third of students and faculty members of TUSUR will found their own successful businesses on concepts and technologies developed at their Alma Mater.

Adherence to the highest research standards and advanced entrepreneurial culture will enable TUSUR to become an institution of state-of-the-art education where students will be able to participate in innovations and creation of new knowledge having a real impact upon individual branches of science.

TUSUR as a community of entrepreneurs will be a «transparent» university, promoting entrepreneurial culture and expanding scientific horizons.


The mission of TUSUR is to generate knowledge and technologies of global importance, to propagate research culture and advance entrepreneurship by supporting students, employees and alumni of the university who start their own hi-tech business.


The strategic objective is to develop TUSUR as a world-level research university with high degree of entrepreneurial activities.

TUSUR has identified the following priority lines of research for the next decade:

  • «Nanotechnology»,
  • «Radio Engineering and Telecommunication systems»,
  • «Intelligent Power Electronics»,
  • «Intelligent Information Technologies and Control Systems»,
  • «Information Security»,
  • «Innovations».