Rector's and President's Welcome Address

Rector's Welcome Address

Rector’s Welcome Address

Professor Alexander Shelupanov

Allow me to greet you on behalf of our university!

TUSUR is distinguished from other technical universities of Tomsk and Russia by the close connection of its fundamental research with technical applications. TUSUR engineers never hesitate to take up ambitious and complex tasks. Engineering solutions for intelligent power electronics developed by our faculty and staff are applied in space vehicles at launch sites all over the world. Our electronics is used in fifth-generation fighter aircrafts. Methods of coding and information protection developed at TUSUR are considered among the best in Russia. And this is by no means a full list of achievements we are proud of.

TUSUR has identified the following priority lines of research for the next decade: «Nanotechnology», «Radiotechnical and Telecommunication systems», «Intelligent Power Electronics», «Intelligent Information Technologies and Control Systems», «Information Security», and «Innovations».

TUSUR faculty comprises highly experienced and qualified professionals, professors, and doctors of sciences (PhD). TUSUR has also got excellent research laboratories and design offices for each priority line of research. We intend to make a breakthrough in these areas and our strategy includes an action plan to help us achieve the planned results.

TUSUR pursues international cooperation with numerous European, North American and Asian universities and research centres in various research areas. Joint projects are financed by Russian and foreign grants, ensuring exchange of students and faculty members and sharing of knowledge and experience. As a result the number of international students attending TUSUR increases with every year. Traditionally a lot of students from neighboring Asian countries and Eastern Europe come to study at TUSUR, but the number of students traveling greater distances has also been growing.

We do our best to create essential conditions for successful development of our international contacts. We make sure that foreign students feel at home and visiting professors are willing to come to our country, city and university. TUSUR is ready for close cooperation with any partner who would demonstrate interest and suggest topics for collaboration. As for us, we are open and ready to share our R&D results and expertise and engage foreign participants in our academic and scientific projects.