Application Documents

Application Documents

Prospective students wishing to study at the Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics must:

1. Choose one of the educational programs:

  • pre-university training program,
  • tertiary education program (bachelor, master),
  • postgraduate programs;

2. Send a letter to, receive an application form;

3. Before June 15 (for bachelor, master and postgraduate programs) or July 15 (for the pre-university program) send the filled-in application form, copy of foreign passport and copy of certificate of recognition for any foreign education certificate or diploma received in Russian or English to; postgraduate program applicants must also submit their published scientific works or suggest subjects for their final degree thesis;

4. Receive the official invitation letter for entry into Russia within one month after application;

5. Obtain a student visa from the Russian consulate in their country on the grounds of the invitation letter, stating the purpose of entry as "Studies/Internship/Postgraduate Studies" and the host party as "TUSUR"; foreign students must contact the Russian consulate in their country for further details of the Russian visa procedure;

6. Arrive to the university at least 5 days prior to the course start date and at least one month prior to expiration of their invitation and visa;

7. Upon arrival, contact the host party by phone: +7 (3822) 51-08-04 or e-mail: to register with the university and decide on their accommodation;

8. Upon arrival to Tomsk, register with the migration authorities by submitting their foreign passport with a valid Russian visa and the migration card issued to them upon entry to the territory of Russia, and copies of their travel documents (tickets, boarding passes);

9. Submit the following documents for enrollment:

  • original of the education certificate with its official transcripts,
  • copy of the certificate of recognition of a foreign education certificate (subject to the applicable law of Russia),
  • duly certified Russian translation of the foreign education certificate with its official transcripts,
  • for nationals of Mongolia and CIS countries: a notarized copy of the birth certificate and its notarized translation into Russian,
  • voluntary health insurance policy valid in Tomsk,
  • certificate of health (with mandatory notes on negative status for tuberculosis, leprosy, STDs and malaria),
  • certificate of HIV-negative status,
  • 6 photos 3*4 cm each (black and white, matte).

Please note that the first and last name featuring in all Russian translations of documents submitted for admission must be the same first and last name stated in the visa.

Students are enrolled and awarded grants only after passing entrance exams.

Foreign citizens intending to self-finance their training must sign an educational services agreement and pay for at least one semester before the beginning of their classes.