Costs and Fees

Costs and Fees

Tuition fee for full time education at TUSUR in the academic year 2014–2015 amounts to 63 000 - 112 000 rubles (approximately $1800 - $3500) per academic year. One can pay separately for every semester.

Living costs are much lower in Tomsk than in most Western countries. Foreign students are often provided accommodation in the university dormitories, which costs only 7000 rubles (approximately $200) a month. It is more comfortable and cheaper than renting any other accommodation. For instance, to rent a flat in Tomsk costs about 10 000 rubles or more (approximately $320) a month.

Lunch at a student café costs between 100 and 150 rubles ($3 — $5), one-way trip in public transport costs between 10 and 15 rubles (30 — 50 cents), costs of textbooks and learning materials are between 500 and 700 rubles (approximately $16 — $23).

Please, note that foreign students have to obtain medical insurance for the period of stay in Tomsk. The cost of voluntary medical insurance amounts to 3500 rubles (approximately $100) per year. This kind of insurance covers a wide range of medical services offered if an insured event occurs.