Legalization of Documents

Legalization of Documents

Certificates of education, issued in the Russian Federation, are to be registered at the Russian Ministry of Education and Science prior to being used in any foreign country. Originals of the documents are to be submitted for registration which is carried out in conformity with the Hague Convention. As a result of this legal procedure an apostille is assigned to the documents similarly to the notary stamp.

In order to verify state standard certificates of education, academic degrees and academic titles, you need to:

1. Make sure that the Russian (or Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) certificate of education, academic degree or title, issued by TUSUR, belongs to the category of documents subject to verification by means of an apostille:

  • originals of state standard certificates of higher professional education:
  • bachelor degree diploma
  • diploma of specialist with higher professional education
  • master’s degree diploma
  • diploma of incomplete higher professional education and academic transcript (issued only in case of qualifications for which the university has acquired state accreditation).
  • state standard certificates of academic degree conferral

  • state standard certificates of academic title conferral

2. Prepare the package of documents:

  • application filled in your own hand
  • original and copies of education certificate with all appendices to it
  • photocopy of the Russian passport. If you are the applicant, but not the bearer of certificate and present documents on behalf of the bearer, you need to attach to the package of documents a photocopy of the applicant’s passport.
  • in case you have changed your surname (name, patronymic), you have to submit original and copies of documents confirming that your surname (name, patronymic) has been changed.
  • original and copies of education certificate with all appendices to it
  • letter of attorney, entitling the applicant to act on behalf of the bearer of education certificate, if the package of documents has been submitted not by the bearer himself/herself
  • document on dues payment.

3. Submit application and other required documents to the Tomsk oblast Education Committee on control, supervision and licensing in education) by applicant or sent by registered letter with a return receipt and list of the contents.

The Committee accepts applications and other required documents regardless of applicant place of residence and location of organization which issued education certificate.

In compliance with Russian Federation Tax code (clause 333 par.3 subpar.48) state duty for legalization of documents is 1500 rubbles.

Person responsible for legalization of documents: Mrs. Tatyana Yanulina.

Address: 41 Kirova prospect, office 514, Tomsk, Russia 634041
Tel.: +7.3822.554379