Master Program: Electronics and Nanoelectronics 

Master Program: Electronics and Nanoelectronics 

Program Code: 11.04.04

A master program is the second stage of higher education. Completion of a master program provides a more advanced and specialized training for top-qualification specialists. All the master programs in the major “Electronics and nanoelectronics” are designed as per the requirements of professional standards in cooperation with the leading Russian companies, which increases the competitiveness of master program graduates in this major.

The graduates will be trained to carry out the following activity: research, design engineering, technology design, organization and management, and science and teaching.

Graduate’s expertise and skills

The graduates of master programs in electronics and nanoelectronics are capable of performing the following professional tasks:

  • Develop work plans and programs for scientific research and technical developments, draw up individual assignments for the implementers.
  • Develop the methods and carry out research, measure the parameters and characteristics of electronics, analyze the results.
  • Develop physical and mathematical models; perform computer simulation of the given physical processes, equipment, circuits and devices.
  • Draw up technical assignments for design engineering work.
  • Design electronic equipment, devices and systems as per the given requirements.
  • Draw up design engineering documents as per the guidelines and regulatory requirements.
  • Draw up technical assignments for the design of industrial processes for the manufacturing of electronic materials and pieces of equipment.
  • Design complex industrial processes for the manufacturing of electronic materials and pieces of equipment using automated industrial production-support systems.
  • Draw up technical documentation for the designed electronic equipment, devices and systems.
  • Manage the teams of implementers.
  • Take part in feasibility studies and functional-cost analysis of the market efficiency for the created product.
  • Work as a teacher in vocational and higher education institutions in the relevant fields under the supervision of a professor, associate professor or head teachers.
  • Participate in the development of teaching and learning aids for students in the relevant field.

Requirements to master program applicants

For a successful completion of a principal academic master program, an applicant must possess the knowledge in the respective domain in the scope stipulated by the state education standards for higher education and a state-issued higher education document (degree) of at least bachelor’s level.

Those willing to complete master programs shall be enrolled based on the results of their admission examination in the academic disciplines selected by the administering department.