Master Program: Informatics and Computer Engineering

Master Program: Informatics and Computer Engineering

Program Code: 09.04.01

Informatics and computer engineering is the field of science and technology that encompasses the ways and means, and methods of human activity, aimed at creating and using of computers, computer systems and networks, automated information processing and control systems, software and automated design systems.

The objective of the master program is to train highly qualified specialists in the field of software development, research and development of design technology for hard- and software systems and specialized hardware of information control systems, distributed and embedded systems of various purpose, and the making of relevant toolkits. The spectrum of professional activity of the graduates includes theoretical and experimental research of scientific and technical problems and the solution of tasks in designing toolkits and software for computer systems and networks, automated information processing and control systems (including distributed ones), computer-assisted design (CAD) systems, and computer-assisted engineering (CAE).

The subjects of the graduates’ professional activity include:

  • Computing machinery, assemblies, systems and networks.
  • Automated information processing and control systems.
  • CAD and CAE systems.
  • Computer and automated systems software (programs, program suites and systems).
  • Mathematical, informational, technical, linguistic, software, ergonomic, organizational and legal support of the above-listed systems.

Graduate's expertise and skills

The graduate of the master program within major code 09.04.01 “Informatics and computer engineering” will be able to handle the following professional tasks:

Research activity:

  • Develop the detailed designs and programs for scientific research and technical development, draw-out individual assignments for the front-line workers.
  • Develop the mathematical models of the subject processes and products, and the design methods for new processes and products.
  • Develop the methods for implementation and follow-up support of software products.
  • Develop the methods to automate the decision-making.
  • Prepare scientific-technical reports, reviews, and publications following the completion of research.
  • Prepare applications for inventions and pre-production prototypes.

Design activity:

  • Prepare assignments for the development of design solutions
  • Draw-up designs for various purpose automated systems, justify the selection of hard- and software automation means for industries and firms.
  • Provide conceptual design of complex articles, including software suites, using the means of automated design, cutting-edge experience in the development of competitive articles.
  • Carry out projects to make automated information systems programs, databases and suites.
  • Develop and implement projects on the integration of information systems as per the methods and standards for information support of produced articles, including the methods and standards of document flow, integrated logistic support, and quality assessment of programs and databases of an electronic business.

Industrial and technological activity:

Design and use of toolkits for implementation of hard- and software projects.

Develop the methods for software products sales and support.

Test the software and databases.

Informatics and computer engineering is one of the most in demand fields of study both at the current labor market and for the years ahead.

Requirements to master program applicants

For a successful completion of a principal academic master program, an applicant must possess the knowledge in the respective domain in the scope stipulated by the state education standards for higher education and a state-issued higher education document (degree) of at least bachelor’s level.

Those willing to complete master programs shall be enrolled based on the results of their admission examination in the academic disciplines selected by the administering department.