Master Program: Information and Communication Technologies and Systems 

Master Program: Information and Communication Technologies and Systems 

Program Code: 11.04.02

Information and communication technologies and systems (telecommunications) is the field of science and technology, which integrates technology, ways and means, and methods of human activity, aimed at creating the conditions for information exchange over distance.

Infocommunications is a major that meets the most up-to-date requirements in the training of master degree specialists in the field of telecom networks design.

Master program is a higher professional level of an academic degree. The level of academic and scientific knowledge provided to students in their respective field is more advanced and specialized. A master program is designed for those graduate students who aspire to become scientists, top-qualification specialists and teachers. Another two years of study at a university advance the knowledge and improve the skills and abilities in the selected field that one requires in their future work.

The academic activities of the master program are individualized and supported by the unique curriculum of the master program student and a large portion of independent research work to be made by the student both in the departments’ laboratories and in the field-specific research institutes and companies operating in technology- and knowledge-intensive national economy sectors of the radio engineering domain.

Graduate's expertise and skills

The master program graduates are able to handle the following professional tasks:
  • Know the main methods, ways and means of information reception, storage and processing.
  • Make a computer model of devices, systems and processes, using generic applications suites.
  • Perform the estimates for the designs of networks, structures and communication means as per the technical assignment.
  • Plan and carry out the necessary experimental research.
  • Assemble, debug, adjust, setup, test-run, test and commission structures, equipment and facilities of networks and communication companies.
  • Perform feasibility studies of design estimates, using modern methods and approaches.
  • Organize the provision of communication services to users.
  • Manage network traffic flows.
  • A graduate of the master program in information and communication technologies and systems is capable of making estimates and designs of details and nodes of info-communication networks as per the technical assignment, using both standard CAD means and individually created original programs; perform compliance control of the projects and technical documentation being designed to technical regulations, national standards, communication standards, technical specifications and other normative documents.

Requirements to master program applicants

For a successful completion of a principal academic master program, an applicant must possess the knowledge in the respective domain in the scope stipulated by the state education standards for higher education and a state-issued higher education document (degree) of at least bachelor’s level.

Those willing to complete master programs shall be enrolled based on the results of their admission examination in the academic disciplines selected by the administering department.