Faculties and Departments

Faculties and Departments

Approximately 13 thousand students study at 13 TUSUR faculties majoring in radio electronics, innovative technologies, computer systems, electronic equipment, law, radio engineering, control systems, economics, social work, state and municipal administration, informatics etc. Students strive for bachelor or master degrees and specialist diplomas and acquire knowledge and skills that are in demand in contemporary society. In addition to that, academic degrees — Candidate of Science and Doctor of Science — are conferred to postgraduate students. There are three education formats: full-time, extramural and mixed. It is also possible to rely on distance learning technologies in one’s training.

Faculty of Radio Engineering

Faculty of Radio Design

Faculty of Computer Systems

Faculty of Control Systems

Faculty of Electronic Engineering

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Innovation Technologies

Faculty of Human Sciences

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Distance Learning

Faculty of Extramural and Evening Education

Faculty of Advanced Training