Russian System of Higher Education

Russian System of Higher Education

System of education in the Russian Federation offers a wide selection of promising majors, as well as unique experience and diplomas, recognized all over the world. There is no doubt that Russian training provided in natural sciences and engineering is one of the best. Employers offer the most exciting jobs and favourable terms to our alumni and even current students, which means that «products» of Russian universities are competitive in the world market.

Foreign citizens who do not speak Russian are enrolled to preparatory course. Its duration is one year.

Foreign citizens, willing to obtain a bachelor or specialist degree, ought to have completed secondary education, equivalent to secondary (full) general or secondary vocational education in the Russian Federation.

Those who wish to obtain a master’s degree should have completed the bachelor program in relevant major.

Foreign citizens who have completed higher education and obtained a specialist or master’s degree can be enrolled to postgraduate programs.

In order to enter the university at any level of education, one needs to legalize documents confirming previous education (see section «Legalization of Documents») and establish its equivalence to the relevant level in the Russian system of education (see section «Equivalence and Recognition»).

Foreign students, who have met curriculum requirements and successfully passed the final examinations, obtain the state standard diplomas of relevant level of education and are conferred an academic degree (i.e. bachelor / master / specialist).

Candidate of sciences degree and state standard diploma certifying it are conferred to foreign postgraduate students, who have successfully completed postgraduate education and defended the Candidate dissertation.

Doctor of sciences degree and state standard diploma certifying it are conferred to foreigners, who have successfully prepared and defended the Doctor dissertation.