Project-based Group Learning

Project-based Group Learning

Project-based group learning relies on practice to reinforce knowledge, as well as project, research and managerial skills by developing innovative projects. As a rule, these projects aim to create devices, systems or software products with a prospect of commercialization.

Each project embodies innovative ideas and proposals to be implemented in novel science-intensive products and technologies that are in high demand in the market or in particular industry.

Third- and fourth-year students are usually selected to form project teams. After individual curriculum for a project team is worked out and approved, participation in the project-based learning is regarded as mandatory for such students.

Activities of the project team are an integral part of training for those who pursue a specialist degree. Implementation of an idea goes through all principal stages of a development effort: from technical assignment to a prototype or a pilot lot.

Individual curriculum envisages introduction of certain disciplines required for project development (participant education), as well as replacement of some learning activities (i.e. course papers and projects, internships, laboratory-based work etc.) with relevant project activities within the framework of team project learning.

Departments arrange specialized laboratories for implementation of projects, creating workplaces for students and shared use sites for mounting, modelling, testing etc. Laboratories are furnished with computers and necessary measurement and production equipment.

Here below are some examples of projects registered for the 2014/2015 academic year:

Project title Implementation period Professor supervising the project
Faculty of Economics
Department of Economic Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics
1 Software application to calculate possible expenses while providing services 2014-2016 Zarikovkaya N. V.
2 Applications for Android platform 2013-2016 Matolygin A.A.
Faculty of Electronic Engineering
Department of Industrial Electronics
3 Hardware and software complex for local hyperthermia 2009-2016 Pakhmurin D.O.
4 Microprocessor equipment for data collection from car sensors 2014-2016 Mikhalchenko S.G.
Department of Physical Electronics
5 Measuring distance or length by means of image analysis 2014-2016 Zarikovkaya N. V.
Department of Electronic Devices
6 Medical device for acuponcture 2013-2016 Davydov V.N.
7 Generation of E-beams by plasma cathode and its apllication 2013-2016 Burdovitsin V.A.
8 Generation and investigation of planar waveguide structures 2011-2016 Sherbina V.V.
9 Automated complex for measuring parameters of semiconductor devices 2007-2016 Davydov V.N.
Faculty of Control Systems
Department of Automated Control Systems
10 Software for organizing and holding competitions programming 2013-2016 Kataev M.Yu.
11 Processing and analysis of the image scenes 2013-2016 Kataev M.Yu.
12 Software for virtual modeling of clothes 2012-2016 Kataev M.Yu.
13 Business-processes approach in enterprise management 2013-2016 Kataev M.Yu.
14 Avatar 2013-2016 Kataev M.Yu.
15 Robot control in challenging environment 2013-2016 Kataev M.Yu.
16 Satellite environmental monitoring 2013-2016 Kataev M.Yu.
17 Business process modelling 2013-2016 Kataev M.Yu.
18 Image processing 2014-2016 Kataev M.Yu.
Department of Data Processing Automation
19 Mobile applications 2011-2016 Sidorov A.A. Tsipileva T.A.
20 Web-GIS-portal 2012-2016 Gritsenko Yu. B. Zhukovsky O.I.
21 Information system for analyzing the energy efficiency of one region 2012-2016 Silich M.P.
22 Energy-saving situational neural network controller 2013-2016 Zamyatin N.V. Ivanov E.O.
23 Situational Center for Energy efficiency 2013-2016 Zamyatin N.V. Latrovkin V.V.
24 Information technologies for forecasting fire risks in public buildings 2013-2016 Gritsenko Yu. B. Zhukovsky O.I.
25 Technology for promoting GIS, using the example of WGS3-3 2013-2016 Gritsenko Yu. B. Senchenko P.
26 Information technology for dispatching of outsourcing services 2014-2016 Gritsenko Yu. B. Senchenko P.
27 GIS 2014-2016 Gritsenko Yu. B. Zhukovsky O.I.
28 Mobile services 2014-2016 Gritsenko Yu. B. Zhukovsky O.I.
29 Template solution for a local government body 2014-2016 Sidorov A.A.
30 Monitoring and auditing of public and social services 2014-2016 Sidorov A.A.
Faculty of Innovation Technologies
Department of Innovation Management
31 Design of video wall 2014-2016 Vasiliev Yu.
32 Development of web-applications for social networks 2014-2016 Dolmatov A.V.
33 Concept development for intelligent resources fields 2013-2016 Antipin M.E.
34 Microprocessor systems 2013-2016 Antipin M.E.
35 SciOffice project (Software to facilitate the setting of scientific documentation) 2013-2016 Titkov A.V
Faculty of Computer Systems
Department of Complex Information Security of Computer Systems
36 Developing of CAD system for microwave radioelectronic circuits 2014-2016 Kalentiev A.A.
37 Home-automation 2013-2016 Kotsubinsky V.P.
38 Software tool for microwave measurements data viewing and analysis 2013-2016 Goryainov A.E.
39 System for monitoring public transport location 2013-2016 Borisov S.I.
40 Computer-aided design of microwave wideband low-noise amplifier. 2014-2016 Salnikov A.S.
41 High efficiency microwave power amplifier design. 2014-2016 Salnikov A.S.
Department of Electronic Automation and Control Systems
42 Development of GSP-sensor for Lego NXT 2013-2016 Shidlovsky S.V.
43 Synthesis of model of one configurable IT environment for automated control 2013-2016 Shidlovsky S.V.
Department of Complex Information Security of Computer Systems
44 Design of Web-portal for TUSUR Institute of System Integration and Security, including several related web-sites 2013-2016 Konev A.A.
45 Cellular Automaton 2014-2016 Evsiutin O.O.
46 Investigation of voice signal 2012-2016 Meshcheryakov R.V.
47 Mathematical principles in information security 2012-2016 Kruchnin D.V.
48 Modeling and research of algorithms for control robotic system. 2012-2016 Loboda Yu. O. Pekhov O.V.
49 System for image detection based on neuronal networks 2010-2016 Kostyuchenko E.Yu.
50 Medical IT solutions for diagnosis and cure of cardiac arrhythmia 2007-2016 Fedotov N.M.
Faculty of Radio Engineering
Department of Television and Control
51 Intelligent video monitoring systems 2012-2016 Kuryachy M.I.
Department of Microwave and Quantum Radio Engineering
52 Antenna measurements 2015-2016 Fateev A.V.
53 Design of wideband passive microwave devices 2015-2016 Popkov A.
54 Design antenna system 2015-2016 Fateev A.
55 NLO waveguide elements based on electro-optic and laser crystals 2013-2018 Kanshu A.V. Shandarov V.M.
Department of Radioelectronics and Data Protection
56 Devices for adjustment, modulation and amplitude limitation of power periodic and impulse signals 2009-2014 Titov A.A.
57 System for access monitoring and control 2010- 2014 Maximov A.V.
58 Development and investigation of impulse power converters 2012-2022 Avdochenko B.I.
59 Devices for signal receipt and processing 2013-2014 Maximov A.V.
60 Development of optoelectronic processors for radioelectronic signal processing 2014-2017 Zadorin A.S.
Department of Telecommunications and Basic Principles of Radio Engineering
61 Design of digital signal processing program for Synthetic Aperture Radar using FPGA 2015-2016 Geltser A.A.
62 Power line communication systems 2015-2016 Geltser A.A.
Department of Radio Engineering Systems
63 Development of microprocessor-based heat controller 2013-2014 Gromov V. A.
64 High-precision receiver using wavelet-fractal processing 2013-2016 Golikov A.M.
65 Development of software for processing the data from video-cameras 2013-2016 Golikov A.M.
66 Investigation and design of advanced systems for data transmission 2013-2015 Berngardt A.S.
67 Software development for testing data protection algorithms 2012-2014 Savin A.A.
68 Development of microprocessor devices 2012-2014 Savin A.A.
Radio Design Faculty
Department of Design of Units and Сomponents for Radioelectronic Systems
69 Development of instructional module for conceiving microcontroller devices 2014-2015
Ermolaev A.V. Ekhanin S.G.

* The complete list of projects, their detailed description and other relevant information about the teams is available here, in Russian language only. For more information in English, please contact us.