TUSUR and the special economic zone

TUSUR and the special economic zone

TUSUR and the special economic zone

Special Economic Zone is a territory of the Russian Federation determined by the Russian Government and characterized by the special regime of entrepreneurial activities.

There are four types of special economic zones in Russia:

  • industrial production;
  • technical innovation;
  • tourist and recreational;
  • port.

In 2005 one of the four Special Economic Zones of Technical Innovation Type was established in Tomsk. The aim was to form a unique environment for active development of innovative business, creation of R&D products and their commercialization in the national and international markets.

Total area – 207 hectares

State investment:

  • already invested – 102.8 mln. USD
  • planned – 623.4 mln. USD
  • 10% developed, 12% contracted by residents

Existing facilities and infrastructure:

  • office space –13 220 sq. meters
  • innovative technological center of Russian programming,
  • nanotechnology center,
  • infrastructure (engineering, communication, water, etc.)

Resident companies of the Tomsk SEZ develop new products and technologies for the global market specializing in several research areas:

  • Nanotechnologies and new materials;
  • Electronics, information and telecommunication technologies;
  • Resource-saving technologies;
  • Medicine and biotechnology.

The main advantages of SEZ for its residents are the system of tax benefits and a free custom zone. For instance, in the course of the first five years companies are exempt from property and land taxes, as well as import and export duties.

The Special Economic Zone hosts 47 high-tech companies striving to become leaders in technology. 15 resident companies of the Tomsk SEZ were founded by TUSUR alumni, the first residents “EleSy” and “Micran” – among them. Resident companies create and sell R&D products, develop them up to the industrial application stage, create software products, systems for data collection, processing and transfer, and distributed calculation systems, offer services pertaining to introduction and maintenance of their products.

TUSUR is a primary source of professionals specializing in electronics, information and telecommunication technologies for the Tomsk SEZ.

Well-established chain of science-intensive business development (team project learning – student business incubator) enables TUSUR students and graduates to create successful high-tech start-ups.

Illustrations taken from the «Passport of the Tomsk Special Economic Zone»