Infrastructure entrepreneuriale

Entrepreneurial infrastructure of TUSUR

Entrepreneurial infrastructure of TUSUR

Entrepreneural infrastructure

Today entrepreneurial infrastructure of TUSUR offers everything needed to provide students with an opportunity to try their hand at business. Student Business Incubator, R&D Commercialization Office, Investment Fund, Technology Transfer Centre, Technological Business Incubator and other essential structures were created at TUSUR to accomplish a full cycle of innovative company creation — from idea to product launch in the world market.

Entrepreneurial infrastructure of TUSUR comprises the following components:

  • Institute of Innovation, training professionals in innovative business management;
  • Student Business Incubator, where students have an opportunity to organize teams for specific projects, undergo a series of seminars and trainings or graduate from the business incubator as owners of private science-intensive companies. In 2009 the total turnover of 18 start-ups that came out of this incubator amounted to 2.3 mln. USD;
  • Investment Fund, supporting student projects with grants allocated on a competitive basis;
  • R&D Commercialization Office, assisting students and faculty in searching for suitable markets to sell R&D results;
  • Technological Business Incubator, primarily focused on world-level research and development and small-series production of hi-tech products;
  • IT Centre, offering short-term IT training courses with international certificates;
  • Intellectual property protection agency, helping organize the patenting and licensing of innovative R&D;
  • Network of science-intensive companies. Companies request scientific R&D to be carried out by TUSUR students and faculty. They also create specialized departments and research laboratories at the university, while company employees give lectures and supervise student projects at TUSUR.