Interaction with companies

Interaction with companies

Cooperation with companies

At present TUSUR actively cooperates with more than 100 science-intensive companies. These companies provide internship opportunities for TUSUR students to gain experience, and write course and thesis papers. The university, in its turn, carries out research and development on request by these enterprises.

By 2006 TUSUR alumni had created 135 companies. The number of such companies grows annually:

Companies created by alumni of TUSUR specialize in the following areas:


Research and production company «Micran», started by an alumnus of TUSUR, is the leading developer of nanoelectronics and GaAs-based integrated circuits in Russia.

Computer electronics

Numerous large companies, such as «Stek» and «Intant», organized by TUSUR alumni, deal in computer electronics and system engineering solutions as well as solutions for management and finance automation.


«Elecard» develops software for the global market, and its key employees are TUSUR alumni. The company develops software for encoding, decoding, processing, transfer and reception of various video and audio formats (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264/AVC, MJPEG 2000 etc.)

Automated control systems

«EleSy» is a leading designer of intelligent hi-tech control and supervision systems for oil and gas companies. This company ranks among the top ten equipment manufacturers in Russia.

Electronics and servicing of electric equipment
Svobodnaya Energiya

Company named «Svobodnaya Energiya» («Free Energy») produces and carries out diagnostic maintenance and repair of accumulators and alternative energy sources.


Another example is «Nitek», company designing household and industrial radioelectronic appliances.

Intelligent power electronics
Tomsk Electronic Company

«Tomsk Electronic Company» creates complex measurement and record-keeping systems and exercises automation of oil and gas facilities.


«ELSIT» produces hi-tech induction heating HFC units based on transistor frequency converters with microprocessor control.

Web programming and website development

TUSUR trains highly professional web programmers. No wonder its alumni programmers have created numerous companies concentrating around the university. A number of companies, such as «OpenTeam», design websites and content management systems for governmental institutions, corporations and universities.

3D Bin

«3D Bin», project created by TUSUR student, is a good example of an innovative company specializing in web programming. This student developed an Internet service to create 3D objects based on several photographs and established company registered in California, USA.

Internet providers

«Tomtel» company provides closed circuit TV and Internet services.

TUSUR carries out research for science-intensive companies involving both faculty and students. Some enterprises have already established their subdivisions at TUSUR in order to train young specialists and implement innovative projects in cooperation with the university.

TUSUR students benefit from teamwork experience within the framework of the «Team project learning». If a team of students manages to bring their project to the start-up stage, they are invited to join the Student Business Incubator.

The number of projects carried out by the university and private companies is steadily increasing:

Below you can find some projects implemented by student teams and TUSUR faculty on request by science-intensive companies:

Project Company name
Video codec: software module for encoding/decoding of video signal for videoconferencing via Internet Limited liability company «Tomsksoft»
Video by request, WatchME Limited liability company «AdvanSib Ltd»
Virtual device generating and processing signals of various forms and frequencies Limited liability company «EMK Pribor»
Software and OS distribution package, developed and implemented on the basis of Unix core Limited liability company Science and production company «Progress »
Software applied in construction technology using the arbitrary-shaped frameworks Limited liability company «Aqua-Service»
ProjectCompany name
Intelligent video surveillance systems Limited liability company «Technostar»
Device detecting leaks in water-supply and heating lines Limited liability company «Delik»
«TRIO»: combined GLONASS / NAVSTAR / GALILEO navigation chip receivers Limited liability company «Science and production company INTEK»
Formation of an electromagnetic field with preset properties Limited liability company «Micran»
Web programming
ProjectCompany name
Network applications for TOMTEL Limited liability company «TOMTEL»
Development of a site management system and its commercialization Limited liability company «Redvix»
ProjectCompany name
Testing unit for dc motors with self-tuning controller Limited liability company «Delik»
Complete direct-drive slow-speed electric motor Limited liability company «Dvigatel»
Mobile robots Limited liability company «UMO»
Design and development of industrial prototypes of neuro-robots Limited liability company «NeiroRobot»