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TUSUR University launches a new online course in Mathematical Logic

TUSUR University launches a new online course in Mathematical Logic
On May 16, TUSUR University will launch its bilingual MOOC on Mathematical Logic and Algorithm Theory, powered by It marks the first time TUSUR University presents its educational programs at an international e-learning platform.

The course was developed by Valentin Zyuzkov, Professor of the Department of Computer Control and Design Systems. It will be supported by the TUSUR Faculty of Distance Learning and will be taught in Russian with English subtitles.

The course is designed for participants with good high-school level of mathematical background, some sections will require knowledge of imperative programming and elements of system analysis. The course will be interesting to engineering majors, high-school students planning on applying to TUSUR University, and to anyone pursuing self-education.

Upon completion of the course, participants can obtain certificates of the TUSUR Faculty of Distance Learning.

Course registration will be open till May 20, 2016.

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