Honorable professors

Honorable professors

Honorable professors of TUSUR

One of the crucial TUSUR traditions consists in awarding a title of «Honorable Professor of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics» to distinguished Russian and foreign researchers holding advanced academic degrees, who are renowned for their scientific and engineering achievements and have made significant contributions to the development of TUSUR, as well as improvement of its infrastructure and promotion of its status in the international research and academic community.

So far four distinguished professors have been awarded this honorable title and have received certificates in Russian and English languages. Traditionally an honorable professor is invited to deliver a keynote address at the Academic Council of TUSUR, and this address is published in the collection of TUSUR scientific papers, while his or her portrait is placed in the portrait gallery at the main building of TUSUR.

Prof. Dr. Herbert Erwin Eichele

Prof. Dr. Herbert Erwin Eichele, Honorable Professor of TUSUR

Rector of Georg-Simon-Ohm University (Nuremberg, Germany) until 2006

President of Adama University since March 2008

Icon Keynote address of Prof. Dr. Herbert Eichele delivered on June 19, 2002 at Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (1012.7 KB)

Prof. Dr. Leo P. Ligthart

Prof. Dr. Ir. Leo P. Ligthart, Honorable Professor of TUSUR

Director of International Research Centre for Telecommunications and Radar (Netherlands)

Dr. Wolfgang-Martin Boerner

Wolfgang-Martin Boerner, Honorable Professor of TUSUR

Professor of University of Illinois (USA)

Prof. Dr. Ivan N. Pustynski

Ivan N. Pustynskiy, Honorable Professor of TUSUR

Doctor of Engineering, Head of Department of Television and Control, TUSUR Rector in 1984–1999