Campus life

Campus life

Campus life


Most students from other cities prefer living in the dormitory rather than renting apartments. TUSUR has at its disposal five comfortable dormitories with rooms for two, three or four persons. Dormitories are located in close proximity to each other and within walking distance from the university buildings. Dormitories of TUSUR are situated close to those of other universities, thus forming a common campus. It is good news for our students that TUSUR dormitories have no curfew restrictions, unlike dormitories of other universities where there is curfew from midnight till morning.


A stadium, a park, and ski lodges, as well as bicycle, roller-blades and ice skates rentals are located next to the dormitories. There are fields where students can play football, volleyball and hockey, as well as a ski piste and a skating rink used in winter time. TUSUR Student Business Incubator is also located nearby. Shops and laundries are available on campus. The student campus also offers a chance to meet a lot of interesting young people, including those who come from other cities and countries.


There are many cafes and pizzerias on campus. You can buy food at several around-the-clock grocery stores. Canteens at every dormitory offer diverse menu at affordable prices. There are also cafes and canteens at each of the university buildings.

Wi-Fi, Internet

Every dormitory and university building are equipped with Internet access points. Some of university buildings are covered with Wi-Fi networks. Many Tomsk cafes offer Wi-Fi access free of charge. Internet cafes or cybercafés are also popular among students.

Medical help

In addition to numerous city pharmacies, some of which are open around the clock, there are first-aid centers at every dormitory. TUSUR students are entitled to free-of-charge medical assistance at a special hospital available only to students of Tomsk universities.


It is quite safe to live on campus. There are patrol squads ensuring safety at every dormitory. Violations of public order are quite rare. Students who have committed serious violations (e.g., have been involved in a fight) on the dormitory grounds can be banished from the dormitory or even expelled from the university.