Important information

Important information

Important information


Tomsk airport offers services of several airlines. There are daily flights from Tomsk to Moscow.

There is a railway station, a bus terminal and a river boat station providing transportation to all regions of the Russian Federation.

Tomsk offers various means of public transport: trolley buses, trams, and buses. There are also many taxi companies.

Money, Banks, ATM

Tomsk has branches of all major Russian banks and some international banks. There are ATM machines offering services to the standard range of plastic cards: Visa, Visa Classic, Visa Electron, Visa Gold etc. You can use any ATM to exchange foreign currency into Russian rubles.

Emergency contacts

Medical assistance. In case of emergency call the following number (call is free-of-charge):

03 from landline telephone

030 from cell phone

Fire Brigade. In case of fire call the following number (call is free-of-charge):

01 from landline telephone

010 from cell phone

Police and law enforcement. If necessary call the following number (call is free-of-charge):

02 from landline telephone

020 from cell phone